WATER maiden issue vol # 1

"Class clowns of the world unite"

"This is the long, overdue release of a new cult classic. If you are looking for current footage and state-of-the-art surfing, or if you're really sensitive, you should give Runmental the cold shoulder. This surf film moves like a Bruce Brown classic on acid. The Runman team are the ultimate cynics, the original Beavis & Butthead. "Doesn't every surfer in Southern California have a Rolls Royce and go surfing with a bunch of chicks?" They are not afraid to write off everyone, nor afraid to film secret spots and give us a glimpse of island perfection. Amidst this freak show with naked hippie parties, cigarette smoking buttholes, puppy juggling and poo-boarding, an unidentified surfer on a red board gets one of the longest barrels I've ever seen. The Government, Cops, worried parents, women's libbers and the PETA should also beware. Runmental is a reminder of how truly bizarre and twisted life can be."

Hans Hagen