Runman This vid consists of a whole bunch of new extreme sports like shitboarding, puppy-juggling and smoking ringpieces. Also, the ‘X-Games 1945.’ There are some dead animals washing up on the beaches, a good fight scene, loads of soft porn and nudity. Naked, grubby hippies getting stoned, some more nudity, and a big centipede crawling over a chicks’ bikini bottom like it knows where it’s going. There’s footage of dogs falling in love and pigs falling in love. It’s commentated by this lame, banal voice that goes on and on telling us how ‘stoopid’ the video actually is. The surfing footage is washed out and light blue, with the best being some seppo fool getting absolutely smashed onto the rocks in front of a crowd of laughing onlookers. The waves are average, apart from some sick Kaui stuff. Is this vid important? Does it show to us the gross commercialism of our sport? Does it reflect on how quick the fleeting grasp of fame is for top pro surfers? Does it show the absurdity of endorsed video productions, of top surfers all wearing the same baggies in idyllic locations with big Colgate smiles?I dunno, but there are some nice chicks on it.

Craig Jarvis Editor, Zigzag

South Africa